Collection: Heavy Duty Dog Poop Bags

Pawsitively the Strongest, Award Winning Dog Poop Bags in Australia!

Oh Crap’s award-winning thick heavy duty dog poop bags are both compostable and 3x thicker than average poop bags. Made for the post treat or dinner weighty deposit, the bags are where strength meets sustainability! Our heavy duty dog poop bags are not just robust; they are eco-friendly, ensuring you can pick up after your furry friend without any ‘ruff’ experiences or environmental guilt. Become a planet hero today and join the #OhCrapFamily who have saved Over 40 million (and counting) dog poop bags from landfill. 🐾 ❤️


Crafting the Strongest, Most Reliable Dog Poop Bags!

Picture of 3 rolls of Oh Crap's Non Plastic Compostable Dog Poop Bags

At Oh Crap, we’re not just about making eco-friendly poop bags; we’re about making the best, thickest dog poop bags out there! It’s been a journey filled with meticulous research by our Chief Crapologist, Bruce Hultgren, with a passion for the details. Such as spending two years finding the perfect sticker with a perforation on so it allows you to easily open a new roll without ripping the first bag.

When picking up our furry friend’s business realised that the average poop bags were just too thin, risking splits, and you always got that unpleasant feeling and whiff of poop on your hands. That’s why in an effort to make the best dog poop bag in the world, Oh Crap dog poop bags are 3x thicker than average poop bags.

Our thick heavy duty dog poop bags are the solution to those ‘pooptastrophes’. Crafted with care and eco-consciousness, these bags are robust, reliable, and ready to handle any ‘doo-ty’. Whether you prefer heavy duty dog poop bags with handles or extra thick dog waste bags, we have something for every pet parent who refuses to compromise on strength and sustainability.

Why choose thick heavy duty dog poop bags over regular ones?

Our thick bags offer extra protection against tears and leaks, ensuring a mess-free experience every time. They are especially handy for larger breeds or those unexpected ‘big jobs’.

Plus, by choosing thicker dog poop bags, you can be sure that you aren’t going to get that poop smell lingering on your hands after picking up. Many dog walkers & groomers use Oh Crap bags because they don’t leave a smell on your hands, and if you pick up poop regularly, this is a good thing :)

Are the thick heavy duty dog poop bags also eco-friendly?

Absolutely! Our thick bags are certified compostable, marrying strength with sustainability. They are designed to leave no trace behind, protecting the planet one bag at a time.

All our Oh Crap bags have passed the Aussie government’s stringent certifications AS 5810 for home composting & AS 4736 for industrial composting. This means 90% of the bag must degrade to organic matter within 90 days and it must be totally gone back to organic matter within 180 days!

You know you are getting Aussie-certified compostable when you see these composting icons:

Composting Logos

Do you offer heavy duty dog poop bags with handles?

Yes, we understand the convenience of handles, and we offer thick dog poop bags with handlesthat are both robust and eco-friendly.

How do the thick poop bags compare to regular bags in terms of decomposition?

Despite their thickness, our heavy duty bags still have to comply with the Aussie composting standards AS 4736 & AS 5810, as mentioned above, to be certified compostable. So even though they are thicker than average poop bags, our bags are eco-friendly, and everything breaks back down to organic matter.

Can I use the thick heavy duty dog poop bags for other pets?

Of course! Their extra strength makes them versatile for use with other pets like cats and larger animals. We have written a blog post here, sharing all the other ways the #OhCrapFamily use our dog poop bags.

Are the thick heavy duty dog poop bags available in bulk?

Yes, for those who are looking for a bulk supply of bags because you have a few furry friends or maybe you are a dog professional, we offer our thick heavy duty dog poop bags in our mega poop pack option.

Can these thick bags handle the ‘business’ of any dog size?

Absolutely! Whether your fur buddy is a tiny Chihuahua or a majestic Great Dane, our thick heavy duty dog poop bags are up to the task, ensuring no mess is too big to handle!

Do the thick bags come with a dispenser?

You betcha! We offer dispensers here, that fit our thick bags perfectly, making it a breeze to pull out a bag whenever duty calls!

Are the thick heavy duty dog poop bags scented?

Nope! We keep our bags unscented to avoid any unnecessary chemicals. It’s all about keeping things natural and eco-friendly!

How do I open these thick poop bags easily?

Just give the top of the bag a quick stretch or rub between your fingers, and it’ll open up in a jiffy! We’ve designed them to be user-friendly, even on those chilly morning walks.

Can I use these bags for my cat’s litter box?

For sure! Our thick bags are purrfect for handling cat litter too. Just scoop, bag, and dispose of responsibly!

How long do the thick compostable poop bags last?

Our bags have a shelf life of 12 months when stored in cool, dry conditions. You can learn more about how to store in the video below:

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